Our Philosophy

The field of lymphedema is in a period of rapid change. What appeared to be true today may change tomorrow. That is why we believe that it is necessary to be constantly upgrading your knowledge base and changing according to the latest research. Since everything is changing so fast, that is why we refer to our programs as evidence informed, there is not enough consistent research to state that it is evidence based.


Our Story

Andrea has treated lymphedema patients for over 20 years. Her enthusiasm for treating patients has expanded into teaching others how to effectively treat patients. The Brennan School evolved from that passion to provide therapists with the most current research in treatment methodologies.

Meet the Team

Andrea Brennan

Andrea Brennan, OTD, OTR/L, CI-CS, WCC

Founder & CEO

Dr. Andrea Brennan, OTD, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CI-CS, WCC is an occupational therapist with LANA certification and a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy with a specialty in lymphedema practice management. She has more than 35 years of practice with 20 years in lymphedema evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Andrea Brennan specializes in lymphedema treatment and wound care. She is a certified lymphedema therapist and member of the Lymphology Association of North America, the International Society of Lymphology and the National Lymphedema Network. She holds a certificate of clinical competency in sharp wound debridement and is a member of the American Professional Wound Care Association. In 2012, she earned her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with a concentration in Administration and Practice Management from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals.A therapist since 1978 and a lymphedema therapist since 1998, Dr. Brennan is frequently invited to speak and write on lymphedema management and clinical topics for community wellness programs, schools and support groups. She has presented and published on diverse topics in lymphedema management on a local and national basis. She has also given presentations at the Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care; the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Annual Conference; the National Lymphedema Network Conference and the American College of Phlebology. She also wrote a chapter on lymphedema in the medical textbook, Core Curriculum for Phlebology Nurses.

Currently, Dr. Brennan is developing a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient lymphedema management program at HEALTHSOUTH Scottsdale Rehabilitation Hospital in Arizona. She lives with her husband in Scottsdale.


Joe Brennan, MA

Chief Operating Officer

Joe received his bachelors degree from Arizona State University in microbiology with an emphasis in immunology in 1983. He then received his Masters degree in management from the University of Phoenix in 1986. He retired from service with the Arizona Department of Health Services where he served as the Health Economist.

Giving Back

We are truly bless in what we do so we give back to others who are less fortunate. We go to Matagalpa, Nicaragua with Amigos de Salud and the Fara Foundation for a rewarding week of providing care with other professionals from around the world.


If you need more information, or if your are interested in hosting/attending a training class, please contact us. The Brennan School of Innovative Lymphatic Studies.